In 2016, the Saskatchewan Arts Board made a call for submissions from Saskatchewan artists to create an award that would capture the innovation and creative spirit of our arts community. We commissioned three artists to create prototypes of their vision and, after much deliberation, chose a sculpture by Buena Vista artist Jody Greenman-Barber.

Artist Statement

Inspired by contemporary dance, intuitive gestures and improvisation, my expressive and animated ceramic sculptures record and convey the essential feeling of embodied sensations in forms that derive from pottery concepts and methodologies. These sculptures, made specifically for the Saskatchewan Arts Awards, are not literal representations of animated figures, but rather sculptural abstractions.I focus on the relationship between body, form, language and expression in an attempt to create works that represent an embodied and improvised experience. My intention in creating these sculptures is to capture a sensation of victory or triumph. Therefore, each piece is constructed to simulate movement of the body in an expressive gestural composition that is energetic and celebratory. Each sculpture is unique in its own expression and composition and is formed to emulate a gesture of excitement and achievement.   

- Jody Greenman-Barber