Jack Sures, Regina

Jack Sures is one of Canada’s premier ceramists and art educators.

He was born in 1934, in Brandon, Manitoba. He completed his bachelor of fine arts degree at the University of Manitoba in 1957, and his master’s degree in painting and printmaking from Michigan State University in 1959. In 1965, he moved to Regina to establish the ceramics and printmaking program at the University of Saskatchewan's Regina Campus, now the University of Regina, where he taught until his retirement in 1998.

As an educator, Jack created a fertile environment for students. He has taught some of Canada’s most notable ceramic artists, including Victor Cicansky, Jeannie Mah, Carole Epp and Anita Rocamora. Jack’s presence at the university continues today in his role as visiting artist-in-residence. He is a master at nurturing an environment that is highly creative and productive. He encourages students to develop their own techniques and skills and to make work that is highly personal and expressive. He is an inspiration and role model for many practicing artists.

Jack has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and honors throughout his career, including the Grand Prize at the International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan in 1989, the Order of Canada in 1991 and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2003.

Jack’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally and isrepresented in many collections, including the Pecs National Museum in Hungary, Canada Council Art Bank, Remai Modern, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Saskatchewan Arts Board.


Photo: Mark Greshner, Artec Photographic Design