Performance Piece: Land of Singing Skies by Eric Powell

Each year at the Lieutenant Governor's Arts Awards, the Saskatchewan Arts Board commissions a performance piece by Saskatchewan artists to showcase the talent in our province.

The performance piece commissioned for the 2010 Lieutenant Governor's Arts Awards is Land of Singing Skies by Eric Powell. It explores the unique sonic character of Saskatchewan, drawing from both rural and urban soundscapes, as well as the sounds of industry and transportation. Field recordings collected from around the province are combined with an instrumental ensemble to create a unique aural experience celebrating this amazing place.

Performers in the piece included Eric Powell (composer, conductor, bassoon, and bass clarinet), Kieran Conway (cello), Elizabeth Curry (double bass), Kory Gibbs (percussion), Cheney Lambert (trumpet), Carmelle Pretzlaw (violin) and Nigel Taylor (trumpet). Performers also doubled on music boxes and egg shakers.

A very big thank you to Eric and his crew for a most interesting, thought-provoking and enjoyable performance piece!

Land of Singing Skies, a Performance Piece by Eric Powell