Lifetime Award for Excellence in the Arts, 1995

Saskatchewan Order of Merit, 1985
Member of the Order of Canada, 1987

Lifetime Award for Excellence in the Arts, 1995 - Allen Sapp

Allen Sapp specializes in paintings depicting life as he remembers it on the Red Pheasant Reserve. His work has been exhibited world-wide and is included in many important collections. The Allen Sapp Gallery in North Battleford features his work from the collection of his mentor, Dr. Allan Gonor. Mr Sapp has remained steadfast in the retention of his Cree Language and cultural traditions. He is an important mentor for young aboriginal people, and has assisted many wishing to pursue a career in art or to explore their culture through art.

In 2003 Allen won a Governor General's Literary Arts Award for his illustrations in the children's book titled The Song Within My Heart.