The Saskatchewan Arts Board is making significant changes to how it supports projects by artists and arts organizations. While many projects may continue to be eligible for funding, they will require application to other programs such as:

Please contact any Arts Board program consultant for details on which program may be best able to support your project.

Research indicates there are alternative, cost-effective ways for the Arts Board to support activities previously funded through the Project Grant program (ArtConnect, ArtInquire, ArtVenture, ArtVenture Music Recording). Please note, however, that applications for music recording projects are not being accepted at this time. The Arts Board is considering options and advice on how to best support Saskatchewan artists in music creation, production and promotion.

In the meantime, the Arts Board will continue to support artists in the music industry through Culture on the Go (touring and market access), Travel (showcasing) and Independent Artists (songwriting and mentorship) grant programs, as well as the Flexible Loan Program (production and business development).

For more information, visit the Project Grant Changes FAQs.