Artist and Students Create Cow Mural - Bevin Bradley

Visitors to the Canadian Western Agribition had an opportunity to see a familiar agricultural animal in a new light, thanks to a unique artist-in-residence program presented by the Saskatchewan Arts Board. Students and other young people who visit Agribition worked with visual artist Bevin Bradley to create a collaborative mural called Urban Cow. Bradley worked with up to 500 students and visitors per day from Monday, November 21 to Saturday, November 25.

Photographs of the mural in progress are posted here.

The Arts Board also presented a visual art exhibition at Agribition entitled I Get a Kick Out of Cows. This exhibition includes a selection of images from the Arts Board's Permanent Collection of art by Saskatchewan artists. Many of the works display the artists' enjoyment and sometimes even sense of humour in depicting the cow, an animal that is so familiar in the Saskatchewan agricultural landscape.

The artist-in-residence program at Agribition is made possible through a partnership between the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canadian Western Agribition.