Saskatchewan Arts Board Chair Pamella Acton is pleased to announce the appointment of five new members to the agency's Board of Directors:

  • Jyotsna (Jo) Custead, Saskatoon: retired human resources specialist
  • Nadia Williamson, Regina: costume designer and entrepreneur
  • Gale Hagblom, Saskatoon: urban planner and artist
  • Edie Marshall, Riverhurst: visual artist and teacher
  • George Glenn, Prince Albert: visual artist and educator

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our five new directors. Their diverse backgrounds will assist our board in the development of policy priorities with an emphasis on providing relevant, accessible, and tailored services to meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders," says Acton.

Other members of the Board of Directors currently serving appointments are:

  • Pamella Acton, Chair: Saskatoon, educational professional and entrepreneur
  • Lorna Zatlyn, Vice-Chair: Prince Albert, community development and retired teacher
  • Gwendolyn Arthur, Redvers: community development and retired teacher
  • Michelle Hunter, Regina: business consultant
  • Peggy L'Hoir, Biggar: music educator
  • Lionel Peyachew, Buena Vista: visual artist and educator
  • Judith (Judy) Yungwirth, Saskatoon: Director of Corporate Administration, University of Saskatchewan

Thanks to the talents, experience and dedication of the Board of Directors and the professional staff of the agency, the Saskatchewan Arts Board has a focused vision and mission. It will continue to actively develop new approaches to support the arts for the enrichment of community well-being, creativity, diversity, and prosperity.