As most of you know, the Saskatchewan Arts Board is examining all of the ways in which we support the work of independent artists. In order to “drill down” on some of the specific issues that were raised during our public consultations in May and June, we are launching a survey.

Who Should Respond?

You should complete this survey if:

  • you’ve ever applied for Arts Board funding, whether or not you received it;
  • you haven’t ever applied to the Arts Board before, and you want to help shape a program that would better suit your needs;
  • you have a thought that you didn’t feel was well represented in the public consultation; or
  • you just want to help the Arts Board build a better program.

Why Should I Respond?

We need your help. We want to build a program that responds to your needs. The survey is not overly long, and, if you need even more incentive, anyone who completes the survey before October 24, 2016 (deadline extended) has the opportunity to be entered in a draw to win an iPad Mini 4 (64 MB)! Here is the link. Thanks so much!