The Saskatchewan Arts Board invites all emerging and established visual artists and craftspeople who are residents of Saskatchewan to submit proposals for the award design for the Saskatchewan Arts Awards. The successful applicant will be asked to design and make approximately seven awards per year over the next five years.

Deadline for Submissions: February 4, 2019


Presented by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Saskatchewan Arts Awards celebrates the achievements of individuals, groups and organizations in all arts disciplines. Recipients are given awards in six categories.

The event brings artists, arts organizations, patrons of the arts and members of the business community together to celebrate the enormous contributions the arts community makes to our province’s quality of life and economy.

The Project:

The award for the Saskatchewan Arts Awards will be a piece of artwork that reflects the theme of celebrating the arts in Saskatchewan.

The specifications of the award are: a two- or three-dimensional artwork in any medium, including wood, glass, copper, ceramic, framed drawings or paintings, and more. It will be an appropriate size to present at the awards ceremony and able to be customized with the award category and recipient’s name (as part of the artwork or as a plaque affixed to the piece).

It should be inspirational, celebratory and representative of the Saskatchewan arts community’s vitality and creativity. While the individual awards do not need to be identical (although they may be), the design should be consistent enough to appear cohesive.

Preference will be given to designs that are more like artworks than traditional-style awards.

Please see below for images of the previous two awards. Also see this article about the most recent award sculptures:


Please include a cost estimate for the artist to make the award. In addition to the one-time design fee (see below), the artist may charge the Saskatchewan Arts Board up to $1,000 per award produced each year (approximately seven awards per year for a period of five years).

Artist Fee:

A $2,000 one-time fee for the successful artist to design the award, plus a five-year contract to make the awards. Payment of the design fee includes the right of the Saskatchewan Arts Board to use images of the award in its publicity and other materials promoting the Saskatchewan Arts Awards.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Project description (500 words or less); may include images
  2. Cost to construct estimate
  3. Timeline to construct seven awards
  4. Artist bio and updated resume
  5. Images of previous artwork


The submissions will be presented to a committee that will adjudicate them based on the requirements above.

At a later date, some applicants may be short-listed and compensated for presenting prototypes.

Deadline for Submissions: February 4, 2019


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Please send your submission to:

Sabrina Cataldo
Communications Strategist
Saskatchewan Arts Board
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Previous Awards:

Jody Greenman-Barber (2016-2018)













Joe Fafard (2004-2014)